Dao Li Branch of Qiu Lin Department Store (East Building)

  It locates at No.137 Central Street Dao Li District and belongs to First Class Preserved Building.
  The building was built in brick-wooden structure in 1916. On the basis of New Art Movement, its architectural styles have developed and made a breakthrough. It embodied the features of solidity、stability and change and became another symbolic construction in the Chinese Street. After the Russian rich man Ivan,Yaclievichi,Qiulin had earned much profit from his Qiu Lin commercial firm in Nan Gang District, he thought of the next development in the golden area of the Chinese Street naturally. So he established Dao Li branch of Qiu Lin commercial firm. After 1937, the owner of the shop changed for several times. In 1949, the former Soviet Union took it over and handed it to the Chinese Government in 1953. During the Cultural Revolution, its name was changed again and again. In 1989, its origin name of Qiu Lin was restored.

Data source:Harbin Urban Planning Bureau 2009.07.03