Educational Bookstore

  Educational Bookstore designated as Harbin First Class Preserved Building locates at No.122 Central Street Dao Li District.
  Following Moderne Hotel, the hotel was built in 1909 with four-floor and brick-wooden structure .It belongs to the typical Baroque symbolic architecture. It seeks after complicated surface and free shape and adopts all kinds of columns and wall columns. It devotes the cubic changes between light and shadow. The architect designed the figure statue which supports the round balcony. Fine bas-relief and elegant shape form its own freeze music. For many years, it has offered people wonderful enjoyment and appreciation. The building was ever Russian Emigrants Association. After liberation, it became Foreign Language Bookshop. Later it was changed into Educational Bookstore till now. It is also an excellent architectural work which has the most representative、artistic and appreciative features in Harbin.


Data source:哈尔滨市城乡规划局 2009.07.03