Party Secretary Lin Duo Listened to the Report on the Arrangement Designs for Harbin Urban Planning Exhibition Hall

According to the instructions by party secretary Lin Duo during the inspection to Harbin urban planning exhibition hall in February. On the afternoon of March 15, Wang Hongxin, director of Harbin Urban Planning Bureau together with Yu Chaozhong, chief designer of Crystal Design Company in Beijing and relevant personnel presented a report to Lin Duo on the recent designing work.

After having listened to the report carefully, Lin stressed that the design should be grand in style, which should get rid of the limitation of narrow sense of Harbin. Since Harbin is the capital city, it should completely demonstrate the city¡¯s core role and radiation effect. The reliefs or paintings should be considered in the decoration design for the two side walls in order to recall the history of Harbin and look forward to the future of the city. Meanwhile, the exhibition styles in general should be united, with the main color being white and every exhition hall reflecting vivid special features. Remarkable changes in color can be adopted in some parts. In addition to the layout, decoration and color, Li also stressed the imporatance of conducting a research on the relation between  mark shapes and charater styles and the relation between color and composition. He pointed out that priority should be given to the detailed designs. Finally, Lin praised relevant agencies for the latest exhibition designs and urged Crystal Design Company to allocate more experienced and proficient personnel to upgrade the design by absorbing wide range of good ideas and advanced methods.  

After the report meeting, director Wang Honxin chaired a special meeting in the bureau to make a detailed plan for carrying out the instructions by party secretary Lin Duo and optimizing the design. At present, all the work is being done well in accordance with the targets made for the hall¡¯s trial operation in the near future. 

Data source:Harbin Urban Planning Bureau 2013.03.15