Harbin Urban and Rural Planning Bureau and Experts Held a Joint Discussion on Conserved Projects of Historic and Cultural City

On January 4, Wang Bingzhong, chief planner of Harbin urban and rural planning bureau, convoked the relevant personnel from historic city conservation department, Nangang Planning Branch, Daoli Planning Branch, etc, to hold a discussion with some experts on the conservation of Harbin historic and cultural city, including Zhang Xianghan, Li Shuxiao, Liu Yannian and Zheng Qi. The discussion aimed to implement the instructions made by city top leaders to guarantee a full conservation and utilization of Harbin’s excellent historic and cultural heritage.

The participated experts gave a full affirmation to the achievements and experience on conservation of Harbin historic and cultural city in recent years, they thought in common that the future conservation and utilization should mainly integrate with the city’s characteristics, landscape resources and the places they locate. In order to make old buildings, including churches, consulates and cultural places new city brands and create new beauty spots, the work should be done gradually and periodically. They suggested the relevant agents should enhance the propagation of conservation work and increase influence level to realize the great prosperity of city culture and to make greater contribution to social economy. Currently some designers, designated by urban planning institute, are urgently drawing up the renovation planning of Harbin architectural and cultural heritages in response to the planning agency and experts’ opinions.

Data source:哈尔滨市城乡规划局 2013.01.04