<The Conservation Planning of Harbin Historic and Cultural City> was approved by Heilongjiang provincial government

On September13, Heilongjiang provincial government approved <The Conservation Planning of Harbin Historic and Cultural City,(2011-2020)>. It was city government that designated relevant agencies to draw up the planning. The approval demostrates that the conservation work will enter a new era since the implementation of <The Conservation Rules on Harbin Historic and Cultural City> on January1st,2010.  

Harbin is one of the third group designated by the State Council as National Historic and Cultural Cities. The city party committee and city government are always attaching great importance to the conservation work. The<Conservation Planning> systematically studies the historic and cultural values, proposes conservation rules, planning goals and framworks and defines the general requirements on regional layout and feature conservation. The approved planning will be of great significance in enhancing conservation and management and keeping coordinated development among economic society, urban and rural construction and conservation.
Data source:哈尔滨市城乡规划局 2012.09.13