Mayor Song Xibin Presided Over the Third Plenary Session of Harbin Urban Planning Committee in 2012

On September 6, Song Xibin, director of Harbin urban and rural planning committee and mayor of city government, presided over the third plenary session of Harbin planning committee in 2012. Nie Yunling, deputy mayor of city government, Wei Wei, city leader, Zhang Wanping, deputy mayor of city government, Huang Yusheng, secretary general of city government and the leaders in charge from member units, attended the meeting.

Three designs were examed and approved at the meeting, including <The General Planning of One Million Acres of Forest in Harbin>,<The General Planning of Ashi River Scenic Corridor> and <Designs for Some Key Projects>

Mayor Song Xibin gave full affirmation to the three designs and spoke highly of the recent work done by the planning committee.

Song was quite satisfied with <The General Planning of One Million Acres of Forest in Harbin>, he pointed out that the planning is characterized by correct analysis on exsisting conditions, complete achievement and abundant contents. It will be quite useful not only for the establishment of a forest city but also for the general improvement of city environment. Meanwhile he urged the relevant agencies to modify the designs according to the experts’suggestion and then give a report to provincial party committee and provincial government for support.

Data source:哈尔滨市城乡规划局 2012.09.06