The Comprehensive Renovation Plan of Xin Yang Road Harbin

¡¡¡¡In order to make Xin Yang Road become the first Scenery Main Road in Harbin in 2001, Harbin Urban Planning Bureau instructed relative units to renovate the 113 buildings on two sides of the 3.57 kilometers long road. All the work consists of three periods: remove¡¢painting and renovation. Altogether 1426(14kinds) abnormal facilities were removed, 72 buildings were painted, 28 buildings were renovated and 14 buildings were cleaned. After the renovation, the street took a new look on the occasion of the beginning of Harbin Economic and Trade Fair. Moreover, the flat roofs of 5 buildings have been changed into slope roofs, the four decorations of 3 buildings and lighting renovations of 8 buildings have been finished. Harbin Municipal People's Government invested only 500.000 Chinese Yuan on the large scale construction. In view of that, Harbin Urban Planning Bureau raised 1.4 million Yuan on its own effort and mobilized the ownership units to invest nearly 6 million Yuan. All the relative units and personnel took great efforts to complete the whole renovation successfully. Now Xin Yang Road has become the first Scenery Main Road in Harbin and also set a good example for the vertical surface renovation of the buildings along the roads in Harbin.
Data source:Harbin Urban Planning Bureau 2009.07.03