The overall plan of YaBuli Skiing Tour Holiday Area

  YaBuli Skiing Tour Holiday Area locates in the eastern part of Hei Longjiang Province. It is 195 kilometers far away from Harbin and 160 kilometers from Mu Danjiang. The total planning area is about 57 square kilometers. It is rich in distinctive skiing tour resources and the largest and the best natural training centre in China. The snow events of the Third Asian Winter Games were held here successfully in 1994.On Nov.9.1994 Hei Longjiang provincial People's Government asked the State Council for instructions that this region should become a competition and training center for undertaking Olympic Winter Games and a multi-functional area for Skiing、traveling、 amusing and spending holidays in order to fill in gap in state ice and skiing tour holiday areas.
  The skiing tour holiday area is among the hills with beautiful sceneries and many wild animals. It has great potential for exploiting tourism resources. After the Asian Winter Games, the constructions have been in the ascendant because more and more wise persons in many fields both from home and abroad appreciate its bright future. However, the contradictions between land usage and skiing ground facilities and the disputes about land often happen. In order to coordinate all kinds of work in the region and to make a reasonable land arrangement, it is necessary to draw up the overall plan of Ya Buli Skiing Tour Holiday Area. The plan can also meet the objective needs of local development.
  The region was incorporated into the planning area of Harbin in 1998.Harbin Municipal People's Government and Harbin Urban Planning Bureau now pay much attention to the overall plan. They instructed Harbin Urban Planning and Designing Research Institute to undertake the plan and organized relative personnel to study、prove and make comparisons for many times. They had a hard time in drawing up the whole overall plan successfully.


Data source:Harbin Urban Planning Bureau 2009.07.03