Ice-lantern Exhibition

  Ice-Lantern Exhibition is Harbin's traditional activity. It lasts from January to late February every year with Zhao Lin Park as its designated location. Ice-lanterns can date back to ancient times. It was said that some fishermen made rough and simple ice-lanterns made of ice just for lighting. With the time passed, ice-lanterns embodied their cultural features and artistic fascination gradually. The making of ice-lanterns and ice sculptures started in the 1960s, the shape and color were very simple, but the kind of man-made crafts really enriched people's life. In recent years, with the progress of science and technology especially the rapid development of electronics and optics, the making techniques and process are becoming more and more advanced and complicated. Modern lightings、acoustics and other electronic equipment have been widely used. Varieties and shapes have been increased from simple ice lanterns to attractive and vivid ice-sculptures、ancient architects、world marvelous spectacles and life like figures. All the ice- lanterns give people endless enjoyment and appreciation.
  At night, the decorated ice-lanterns are brilliant and colorful. Strolling in Zhao Lin Park and viewing the fine ice gatherings with grotesque shapes and gaudy colors, all the visitors can hardly praising the craftsmen's fine skills and the advanced technologies in modern society. Now, Ice-lanterns enjoy high reputation in the world. Harbin citizens are very proud of them.

Data source:哈尔滨市城乡规划局 2009.07.03