Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

  Being one of the four great events of ice and snow in the world, Harbin Ice and Snow Festival is drawing more and move attention internally and externally.
  Harbin Municipal People's Government defined the festival in 1985 for the purpose of exploiting tourism resources、promoting regional economy and increasing reputation. Since then, it has become an important part of cultural activities in Harbin.
  Every winter lots of tourists both from home and abroad gathered in Harbin, they enjoy and appreciate the beautiful scenery of ice and snow. During the period of the festival, a series of activities are held, such as the Harbin ice Lantern Garden Party、 the Sun Island Snow Sculpture Garden Party、Winter Swimming、 Snow Sculpture、Ice Sculpture、 Alpine Skiing、Ice and Snow Tour Economic and Trade Fair, etc. They all give visitors much happiness、excitement and reverie. Up to now, seventeen sessions have been sponsored successfully.

Data source:哈尔滨市城乡规划局 2009.07.03