The Sun Island Scenic Spot

  Harbin's Sun Island Scenic Spot locates on the north bank of the Songhua River, Covering an area of 4 million square meters and facing the SiDalin Park, it is a famous summer resort for traveling and relaxing.
  In early 1920's, it was a white Russian's resort. After many times of reconstructions and renovations, it has become a place for sanatorium、leisure and amusement
  On the island there are many kinds of villas reflecting different architectural features, the dense forest、the soft and tiny sand and the fragrant of grass and flowers can offer you endless enjoyment.
  In spring ice and snow begin to melt. Viewing ice rafts flouting on the river and smelling the fragrant of earth, you will really realize the beginning of the year.
  In summer all kinds of flowers blossom and densely wooded. People enjoy the beautiful and harmonious nature. They go boating on the clear wave or go swimming in the river.
  In autumn you can see different colors of flowers and leaves. Gusts of gentle breeze make you feel pleasant and cool.
  In winter the scenic spot is a world of ice and snow, everything is dressed in white skirt and silver coat. All embody the unique styles of northeast China.

Data source:哈尔滨市城乡规划局 2009.07.03