Central Street

  According to the statistics, there are many types of buildings on both sides of the street, such as renaissance、baroque、eclecticism、classicalism、 modernism, etc. All the buildings form scenic spots of architectural arts in the street and reflect the combination of different cultures in late nineteenth century and early twentieth century.
 TThe street is really an architectural art gallery. It was designated as a preserved street in 1986 and a pedestrian street in 1996. Now it is a good place for strolling、relaxing and shopping.


  Originally built in 1898, it was called "Chinese Street". The street is rich in history and famous for different shapes of architectures along the two sides. Central Street is 1.450 meters in length and 21.34 meters in width of which 10.8 meters is motor way .It is said that the built-in square stones are very precious.



Data source:込櫛鴛偏廓膵羯蕉 2009.07.03