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Harbin Urban and Rural Planning Bureau Officially Started Using Harbin¡¯ Intelligent Administration Approval System

In order to implement the administrative approval reform, create new approval model and improve approval efficiency, Harbin Urban and Rural Planning Bureau started using Harbin¡¯s intelligent administration approval system with new approval procedures. They worked out the following measures in response to the startup of the new approval system.

Firstly, all the projects waiting to be approved in the bureau, including administrative licensing, non administrative licensing and public service now need to enter the newly adopted procedure for approval. Meanwhile, the license database has been put into use.  

Secondly, as for the approval of projects, the bureau classified all the phases in the approving process and reduced some unnecessary details. According to the distinctiveness of different projects, the bureau established a mechanism to approve a project according to its individuality, aiming to optimize the whole approving procedure, reduce time and make the acceptance requirements more reasonable.

Thirdly, according to the requirements of the new approving procedures, the bureau classified and redefined 26 approving documents, and canceled those which were not defined in <The Urban and Rural Planning Law of the P.R.C> and <The Regulations on Harbin Urban and Rural Planning Bureau>.
Fourthly, in order to increase service efficiency and reduce approval time, the bureau made efforts to shorten the original time limit of 29 days, as for all the projects under approval, the average time was cut down by 50% and as for the government funded projects, bidding projects and infrastructures, the average time was cut down by 60%.

The bureau will spare no efforts to put the intelligent approval system into effect and make a thorough analysis and statistics on the progress of project approval. It will initiate a new situation in administration approval with intelligent management, fine service, optimized procedure and best efficiency. 

Data source: 2015.01.30