Mayor Song Xibin Presided Over the First Session of Harbin Urban and Rural Planning Committee in 2015

On February16, mayor Song Xibin presided over the first session of the Harbin Urban and Rural  Planning Committee, city leaders, including Nie Yunling, Cong Keming, Zhang Wanping, Jia Jiantao, Wang Jingming and the leaders from member unit of the committee and relevant agencies attended the meeting.

Mayor Song Xibin presided over the meeting

The strategic development plan of grand Songbei area was reviewed at the meeting. Drawn up by China Urban Planning Institute, the plan itself follows the strategies proposed by provincial and municipal governments to make Harbin form a development structure with one river in the middle, two prosperous areas along the two banks. Based on the thorough analysis on development opportunities and challenges faced by grand Songbei area, it defines the overall goals and orientation and proposes development strategy, spatial space and short-term key construction projects. The urban design for the linking space between Haxi and Qunli areas was also reviewed at the meeting. It extends from Gongnong street in the north to the speed railway lines and the north square of west railway station in the south, from the third ring road in the west to Wuwei road in the east, covering an area of 11.2 square kilometers. The plan proposes that the area should develop a vigorous area with the integrated functions of economy, society and humanity, the headquarter economy should be the core function and the high end industrial group should take modern service as the focus matched with auxiliary functions of residence, business, culture and leisure. 

Mayor Song Xibin spoke highly of the planning achievements reviewed above, meanwhile, he also proposed some constructive suggestions. The bureau will further revise enrich the planning designs according to the opinions raised by the participating leaders and experts at the meeting.

Data source: 2015.03.05