Harbin Urban and Rural Planning Bureau Has Drawn Up the Plan for the Integrated Pipeline Corridor

The Integrated pipeline corridor is also named common ditch, a kind of civic infrastructure built underground in which various pipelines have unified plan, design, construction and maintenance. The integrated corridor can fully use underground space, avoid repeated construction and guarantee the safety of the city.

Harbin has been listed as one of the ten trial cities to construct integrated pipeline corridor. At the beginning of application, the bureau actively cooperated with urban construction committee to prepare application materials and made great efforts to draw up relevant planning design.

During the drawing up process, the bureau stuck to the general principles to adopt unified design, coordinate operation, form a certain scale and establish a network. Meanwhile, they also took the subway line under construction and transformation of ole pipeline network into consideration. After many times of research and revision, the bureau presented a design, which defined 12 integrated corridors, with the total length of 25 kilometers, which run through Hongqi street area, southern new industrial area and the economic area near the airport, with a 13-kilometer-long section in main city area and a 12-kilometer-long section in the new city area.

According to the initial plan, in 2015, the city plans to complete 11.42 kilometers out of the total length, with a 5.78-kilometer-long section in main city area and a 5.64 kilometer-long section in the new city area. 

Data source: 2015.05.12