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Harbin Urban Planning Bureau Has Drawn Up <The Plan for China-Eastern Railway Park>

Recently, Harbin urban and rural planning bureau has drawn up the plan for China-Eastern Railway Park, which was highly praised by provincial and municipal leaders for its appropriate orientation, outstanding theme, considerable design and good preservation and utilization of the old roadbed and the railway bridge.

Harbin city originated from the China-Eastern Railway and became a part of the railway. Binzhou railway bridge and its subsidiary line located in the central area of the city, connecting Daoli and Daowai districts with the Sun Island. It became an open belt space between the two scenic corridors of Central street and Jinyang street. To protect and use the bridge and its subsidiary line can not only reflect the city origin and development history but also provide the citizens with a new spot to have leisure, sightseeing and fitness activities. The plan proposed to built Harbin Railway Theme Museum by renovating and using its original road bed and to make it an ecological earth covered construction, leaving a century history witness for the city

As a green and pedestrian space, the bridge will own two bike routes and one walking route. On the west side of the bridge, three scenic viewing platforms will be built as the places for people to have a rest. People can stand there to overlook the Songhua river and views of the two banks. The plan proposes to construct two visiting areas, with the northern section featuring the exhibition of China-Eastern Railway culture and southern section focusing on the theme of Railway and City. After the  construction, the new park will definitely become a hot spot in Harbin travel industry .

Since the city government decided to construct a huge railway bridge connecting Harbin and Qiqihaer to replace the original Binzhou railway bridge. The leaders and relevant personnel of Harbin urban and rural planning bureau began to pay much attention to the century-history bridge from the professional views, they realized that the bridge itself will contain an important opportunity to demonstrate the history and culture of the city. For the planners, it is a good material to show their designing ability while it is a great historical responsibility for them. During the process to draw up the plan, the bureau insisted on adopting advanced designing ideas and giving all the elements a full consideration in order to realize the perfect combination of the city¡¯s historical context and open space.


Data source: 2015.05.19