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Mayor Song Xibin, Presided Over the Second Session of Harbin Urban and Rural Planning Committee in 2015

On June29, Song Xibin, mayor of Harbin city, presided over the second session of Harbin urban and rural planning committee in 2015, some city leaders, including Cong Keming, Wei Wei, Jia Jiantao and Wang Jingmin and the relevant people from member units attended the meeting. Some urban designs and planning designs were reviewed and discussed at the meeting, including the urban design of Hongjun street and surrounding area of Harbin railway station, master planning design of Tianheng Mountain, the revised regulated plans of some city areas and the planning designs of some projects and architectural façade designs.

At the meeting, the top priority was given to the urban design of Hong Jun street and the surrounding area of Harbin railway station. The two places are regarded as the most distinctive welcome window and scenic spot for their long history and humanity features. As the city¡¯s characterized landmark and scenic space, their urban design can play an important role in upgrading the city¡¯s overall architectural style and landscape views. The design aims to rebuilt the two ever demolished architectural landmarks, Harbin railway station and St Nicola Church and create continuous spaces along the two sides of Hong Jun street. Meanwhile it proposes to construct the north square of the railway station, forming a structural layout of two points, one axis and one area. The participants also reviewed the master plan of Tian Heng mountain, which covers an area of 20.53 square kilometers. The plan proposes to make Tian Heng mountain an integrated mountainous area at provincial level, featuring tourism, leisure activity and scientific research

Mayor Song Xibin spoke highly of the planning designs reviewed and urged Harbin urban and rural planning bureau to further enrich the designs for better results
Harbin Urban and Rural Planning Bureau Sent Professionals to the Surrounding Counties to Provide the Local Governments with Planning Guidance
In response to the instruction made by city government to make the surrounding  counties and villages of Harbin more beautiful, Harbin urban and rural planning bureau took actions immediately and adopted a series of measures, including the organization of professional agencies and staffs. Wang Hongxin, director of the bureau stressed that constructing beautiful counties and villages was a political task and the top priority for the bureau, all the leaders and relevant persons should exert all efforts to provide the best planning service in the campaign.

The leaders of the bureau attached great importance to the task, they proposed some proposals and measures and conducted comprehensive research and estimation, and finally they decided to organize planning service teams which can play the best role in the campaign to construct beautiful counties. After a short time of personnel co-ordination and preparation, the bureau established ten service teams with each one being responsible for the county where it was sent to provide service.

So far, all the teams have been sent to the counties, they have kept a good contact with local governments and had a better understanding of the local geographic and economic conditions. In the following time, the teams, leaded by the leaders of the bureau, will strictly follow the working procedures to go to the counties regularly and offer professional guidance.

Data source: 2015.07.23